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Max Strom

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The Alchemy of Transformation

Freitag, 24. März 2017, 15:00 – 17:00  |  2 Stunden  |  € 50,00
This workshop includes a special sequence of postures and movement patterns known to create a profound sense of stillness. Session also includes: Talk, breathing patterns, Tapas (focused acts ofintention and will), and unifying visualization. The principles you will learn in this workshop will take you to new depths in your practice and inspire you for weeks to come. This session is suitable for practitioners with basic yoga experience. Please bring writing materials (no recording equipment).
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Vital Life-Better Sleep: Stress management

Freitag, 24. März 2017, 19:30 – 21:30  |  2 Stunden  |  € 50,00
This workshop deals directly with the modern plague of sleeplessness and stress. In America, the Center for Disease Control has declared sleep disorder an epidemic, and this is happening in industrial cities across the world. In America, over 80 million suffer some form of sleep disorder that results in excessive daytime sleepiness. This workshop will help you re-think your priorities and give you knowledge to take home with you to help you sleep and live more at ease. Class includes lecture, gentle yoga postures, breath work, and self-enquiry. Bring your mat and writing materials. All levels are welcome. Bring writing materials.
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Opening the Chest and Shoulders - a New State of Energy

Samstag, 25. März 2017, 09:30 – 12:00  |  2,5 Stunden  |  € 60,00
Some of the negative side effects of using a computer are that we find ourselves with frozen shoulders, sore forearms, and injured wrists. This workshop targets these issues with a special sequence of postures that opens the chest and shoulders. This induces an emotional sense of release, brings the mind into stillness, and the body into a new state of energy. Open to all levels except absolute beginners. This movement workshop is both challenging and very healing. All levels are welcome, Movement based workshop.
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Some Doors Only Open from the Inside -
The healing power of transformational breath-work

Samstag, 25. März 2017, 14:00 – 16:00  |  2 Stunden  |  € 50,00
The voice of our intuition and wisdom is commonly drowned out by the noise in our mind. This noise is often caused by chaotic or congested emotions from by stress, depression, PTSD, or anxiety. Focused breath patterns can spark within us the reawakening of our higher nature, the voice of intuition, wisdom, and conscience. The practices you will learn in this workshop will take you to new depths and inspire you for weeks to come. Max has taken this work around the world to people of many faiths and nationalities. Bring your mat and writing materials. (Please no recording equipment) All levels are welcome.
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Max Strom Essentials

Sonntag, 26. März 2017, 09:30 – 16:30  |  7 Stunden incl. 1,5 Stunden Mittagspause  |  € 120,00
This daylong workshop will be a day of exploring the essential elements of practice that Max Strom is so highly regarded for. It is open to all levels. The morning will consist of a short lecture on essential terms followed by a full practice of breath initiated movement and yoga postures and movement. The Afternoon will go more deeply into the how and why of the essential elements he works with such as:
Glossary of Terms for key Movements and Actions
The End of Anxiety and Depression using Breathing Patterns
Dynamic Meditation
Wisdom Beyond the Mat
Recalibrating our life
All levels are welcome
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1 Workshop € 50,00
2 Workshops € 95,00
3 Workshops € 140,00
Tagesworkshop € 120,00
Gesamtes Wochenende € 310,00
Ausgenommen von der Preisstaffelung ist der Workshop
"Opening the Chest and Shoulders - a New State of Energy".


Höhenstr. 20
60385 Frankfurt am Main
U4 - Haltestelle Höhenstrasse
Parkhaus Saalbau Bornheim - Arnsburgerstrasse 24, 60385 Frankfurt

About Max Strom

Max Strom is a global teacher, speaker, and author.
Many know him for his two inspiring books: A Life Worth Breathing now published in six languages, and There is No APP for Happiness,his most recent title addressing the challenge of finding meaning in the digital age. Max Strom’s interdisciplinary method, Inner Axis, is a system of field-tested techniques that produce immediate results. It is an innovative method that incorporates mindfulness, breath-work, and breath-based yoga movement to generate personal growth. Because of its success with individuals across the world, Inner Axis is now being adopted by corporations as a sustainable mindfulness program, organizations that want to not only be successful, but healthy, and to make a meaningful difference in the world. Among Max’s recent speaking appearances were two TEDx events and a keynote speech on ethics in business at a Fortune 500 corporation. His articles and interviews have appeared in print, online media, radio, and television around the globe. As an in-demand speaker, Max has presented his method at the Inner Idea Conference, the Happinez Festival in the Netherlands, The Singularity University in the Silicon Valley, as well as many yoga conferences.

You can see more of Max Strom’s work on his DVDs, Learn to Breathe, to Heal Yourself and Your Relationships and Max Strom Yoga – Strength, Grace, Healing. Max is based in Washington, DC.

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